Make Money Uploading Movies 

How to make money using 123 Movies?

  1.     Request A Submit Key at 123 Movies, so you can submit a video.
  2.     Register a account at a video uploader site, we recommend Openload
  3.     Upload a Movie you think is good to the video host
  4.     Copy the Embed code and Submit
  5.     Fill the content, submit your video and Wait for admin to moderate and accept it.

Get Paid by Views

123 Movies is not responsible for the payments. The video Hosting site is.


How much money can i make?

It Depends on the views of the video. the more views, the more money you get

I’ve submitted a video but it isn’t showing in the homepage

We moderate every video, and only accept the good ones. This is a quality Movie / TV Site. VPreviews won’t be accepted.

My videos aren’t getting enough views

Try to share it on social sites, such as tumblr, reddit or any adult forum/site to maximize your revenues.